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To Shave
Not to Shave

Some of life's mysteries only

you can answer.  

In this case, whichever you choose,
we are here to help
at Colorado Shaver

Boho Wedding Couple

Colorado Shaver is the place to re-discover a self indulgent
routine for yourself in shaving.

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We do Repairs

Do you need your straight edge or clippers  sharpened, or electric razor fixed?

Need a repair? 
Tell us how we can help.

If you are looking for a straight razor that you can sharpen on a strop yourself, 
a decadently scented, frothy soap and badger hair brush to
massage your face in the morning,
you will appreciate our shop and what we can offer you. 

Since 1963 Colorado Shaver Center

has been serving Englewood and Denver area customers

as well as internationally.

We have even done business with the White House!

With over 100 years combined experience we can help YOU too.