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For Electric Shaving

The highest quality products for providing the smoothest and closest electric shave on the market today. They reduces skin irritation and helps remove moisture prior to shaving which causes an electric shaver to bind.  These products provide a simple way to enhance the longevity of your electric shaver as well as provide you with the most comfortable shave possible.

Electric Shavers

While the electric shaver industry seems to be forever changing in one way or another we can guide you with our knowledge.  Something to keep in mind is that one shaver does not fit all.  Also, just because you tried a Braun does not mean you have tried all Braun’s. Just because a $40.00 Remington shaver did well for you does not mean the $80.00 Remington will be twice as nice. If you loved your Braun Series 7 shaver, you may hate the Braun 9000 shaver, and yet maybe you won’t. The same holds true for all manufacturers.  This is why we have demonstrator machines so you can try before you buy.

Let us save you some time and frustration.


Remember we also service what we sell. For instance, of your Braun shaver battery is no longer taking a charge we can usually replace it under warranty for you if it was purchased from us, rather than having to mail it in. If it was purchased elsewhere and you have a receipt we can usually do the repair, although you may still have to pay for the parts.

This goes for most of the manufacturers we carry, most of the time. Including (Gillette) Braun, Panasonic, Rayovac (Remington), Philips (Norelco), Grundig, Eltron, Payer, Sanyo, Wahl, Oster, Andis and more. Also if you know of any new manufacturers please let us know so we can look into it.

Your Shaver Guys,


Thank you

We carry the latest models and brands available alongside some specialty units including:


  • Braun Series 7

  • Series 5

  • Series 3

  • Series 1

  • Wet and Dry

  • Travel shavers

  • Cruiser models



  • Procurve models

  • 2 Head

  • 3 Head

  • 4 head

  • 5 head

  • Wet and Dry

  • Travel shavers



  • System 4000

  • Professional

  • Bump Free

  • Lithium units



  • 3D

  • 2D

  • Power Touch

  • Wet and Dry

  • Travel shavers



  • MS3

  • MS2

  • F2 Series

  • F3 Series

  • F4 Series

  • F5 Series

  • Flex Foil series

  • R and Rotory Series

  • DF and DA Shavers



  • The refurbished shavers are either factory refurbished on in house refurbished

  • Inventory changes daily so you never know what you might find

  • These can be used with many electric shavers, even the soaps and creams

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