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Subtle Art Soap Co.
~ Veteran Owned and Operated ~

It all started with shave soaps. Having sensitive skin, I’ve always struggled with shaving. For years I bought into whatever multi-blade razor, and “sensitive skin” shave cream that was offered. One day a friend suggested I switch to a safety razor and real shave soaps... 

The products I had been using contained harsh detergents and additives, even in “sensitive skin” formulas. Real handmade soap contained none of these things. Being the inquisitive person I am, I decided to try making my own shave soap. It was not easy...
I kept at it and did eventually create a recipe that checked off all the boxes. It provides slickness and cushion for the razor, gives me a great shave with no irritation, and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth... What we came up with are soaps that contain quality ingredients, are functional, and appealing. You could say our soaps are somewhat complex and, at the same time, understated. In other words, soaps that are…subtle.

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