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The Goodfella's Smile Straight Razor

The Goodfella's Smile Straight Razor


The razor is supplied sharp, therefore ready to use., The sharpening was performed with the use of a ribbon on the edge of the razor.

In collaboration with the Coltelleria Fontani , the first Straight Razor 100% Made in Italy by The Goodfellas’ Smile is born.
Razor made of K720 steel, hardness 60 hrc, oil-temper and completely hand-made grinded.

The Goofellas’ smile 5/8 Quarter Hollow Straight Razor features a semi-gloss blade finish and offers a delicate, deep cut. Its handle, made of black resin with a red insert on the back, has a simple but captivating design. The use of three fixing points reinforce the attention to detail and attention to a modern design. Furthermore, the blade fixing pin is a torx screw, so any user (from the most experienced to the least experienced) can easily and safely tighten the blade to the handle if it loosens over time.

Razor with genuine leather case Made in Italy.

Square point straight razor.

100% Made in Italy

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