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Synthetic Brush- Phantom Aerolite

Synthetic Brush- Phantom Aerolite



The second brush in our translucent Aerolite Series! (AND, in 26mm!)

Not only is this brush a loose homage or reimagining to a mysterious brush from the past, it's also an homage to Summer itself! Remember the color of chlorinated pools in the 80's? This is pretty much that. But, inside that imaginary pool is a swirling, whirling phantom. I kid you knot...ahem, not. (sorry.) Inside each handle is a genuine phantom. Well, at least that's what I see, you be the judge.

New Knot!

With this release we are also introducing our latest, NEW hybrid knot, The Spectral Synth! Fans of our knots, especially the Roswell Grey (Peregrino/Starcraft Knot), will immediately recognize the similarity in feel and performance. In fact, the only real difference is the color and The Size!  

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