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Synthetic Brush-  Peregrino

Synthetic Brush- Peregrino

$19.95 Regular Price
$15.96Sale Price



The Roswell Synth Shaving Brush

You'd be amazed at how fast synthetic fibers are evolving. With the market and demand for synthetic knots growing, the competition in quality & development will send your head a spinning! This is also due to the fact that a lot of big shave giants, like Art of Shaving, are also making the switch to offering only synthetics...this is huge and forcing manufacturers to out do each other every other month! 

Fans (pun intended), of our modern synthetic knots are going to love our latest Fan/Bulb Hybrid, Stygian Hybrid Knot! Not only is The Stygian visually stunning mounted on that moody, amber resin-type handle, but the performance is exceptional. 

There is something so naturally ergonomic about the octagon shaped base of the handle. It really feels good and secure in the hand; substantial & comfortable. Traits we are always looking for in our designs.

The Stygian features super soft tips, almost gel like when wet and a killer fiber density, providing you with some great backbone and more wispy than scritchy face lathers. The Stygian Knot is sure to impress even the hardiest traditionalist out there still clinging to their badger, boar and horse hair counterparts. Again, if you love our Peregrino, you are pretty much guaranteed to LOVE the Stygian!

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