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Phoenix - Tribute

Phoenix - Tribute


Scent Profile: An Epic and Alluring Blend of Cherry & Sandalwood; a rich, deep woody balsamic accord containing fruity, sweet and tart accents with naturally occuring nuances of bitter almond. A perfect balance of gourmand and masculine. 


While so many OG wet shave personalities within the community have been recognized for their contributions to wet shaving over the years, David has not. I hear even his wife Rocio got one...but sadly, this honor was never to be for David. An always the bridesmaid never the bride type situation for sure. Probably not the best metaphor when engaging with a male dominated community, but you catch my drift.


So what does David do? Rather than just accepting this is how things are and take his cruel fate lying down, David hired me, yes me, to create his dream soap, Cherry & Sandalwood. Over a few weeks both Fran and I tweaked, pushes and pulled at the scent and then shipped some options off to David. After a few more tweaks and voice messages via facebook from David, we nailed it. (David prefers to do the voicemail thing in chat. I don't get it either, but the man's an artist. Nuff said.) So, with new scent in hand next he requested we call it "Not A Tribute". Damn I thought, this endeavor would be quite punk rock when all was said and done...and it was. 


Handmade In Arizona, USA

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