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Phoenix Shave Soap - Coconut Oud

Phoenix Shave Soap - Coconut Oud


Scent Profile: Coconut Oud is a mystical, tantalizing, intoxicatingly curious combination of just two notes! You read right, just two! The challenge was to explore and then exploit the depth of range both of these notes rarely get a chance to offer up!


Cat's Claw: Having just returned from an expedition in Peru this past April and discovered even more exotic skin saving ingredients I was sure to include the one that enthralled and impressed me the most, Cat's Claw vine!

What is this Cat's Claw or Uña de Gato Doug?

The Cat's Claw vine is native to South America and grows mainly in tropical and subtropical areas of Bolivia and Peru, were Amazonian tribes have utilized it for millennia to treat serious and mild diseases alike. Western studies have shown Cat's Claw's properties include anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, neuroprotective, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory actions, which have been used in traditional Amazonian medicine for centuries. Also, thanks to its antioxidants and other supporting compounds, it has been shown that Cat's Claw may prevent cell damage from UV radiation.

Secret of the Inca?

Obviously it was the inflammatory properties that really stuck out to me and thought this claim needed further investigation on my part. So I visited a shaman one does. #Science

After awkward first introductions and me having to decline the Ayahuasca ceremony several times he finally understood unlike the other gringos parading around Cuzco, I was more curious in this other jungle wonder, Uña De Gato or Cat's Claw.

After a lengthy conversation in a dizzying, lingual dance of Quechua, Spanish, hand signals & very broken English, I was satisfied and knew I had to try the stuff I had up till then only heard about in ancient back alley whispers. So I left the shop that day with a very "down home" concoction of the stuff contained in a tiny jar. Back at the hotel I applied it to my weary, swollen feet. I also smeared what was left over on my fingers on the inflamed mosquito bites that ran down my legs and arms. Given the chance, the jungle will certainly eat you up!

Almost immediately the heat left my feet as it quickly absorbed into the skin, a soothing feeling suddenly washed over me! Weird. Then there were the bites! The itchiness subsided and the welts had gone down insize...Amazing! Now I was a believer and began to think about all the wondrous ways I could incorporate this "Inca Medicine" into my male grooming mix! The next day I returned to the shop and purchased a few more jars of that rosy red, magic balm! So in short, I'm a fan.

Calendula Oil: A natural oil extracted from marigold flowers (Calendula officinalis). It's often used as a complementary or alternative treatment. Calendula oil has many beneficial properties that can help soothe, protect, and rescue dry, puffy, irritated skin.  Another obvious candidate for this shaman's cocktail!


Tamarind Extract (Tamarindus indica): Is indigenous to Africa but has found a loyal following in South America and Southeast Asia.Traditionally used for wound healing, has anti-venom properties and is an effective antimicrobial. Tamarind is optimal for skin as it is used to treat burns, also it's reported to prevent edema. In addition, it is also said in certain circles, Tamarind Extract leaves your skin with a healthy, more soulful glow. So yeah, the trifecta was complete!


Soap Ingredients: Potassium Stearate, Glycerin, Potassium Cocoate, Aqua, Potassium Kokumate, Sodium Lactate, Potassium Shea Butterate, Potassium Castorate, Sodium Stearate, Potassium Cocoa Butterate, Potassium Avocadoate, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Theobroma Grandiflorum (Capuacu) Butter, Astrocaryum (Murumuru) Seed Butter, Platonia Insignis (Bacuri) Seed Butter

Introducing The CK-6 Formula: Fat of the Land

CK-6 is made up of some very Exotic Butters, Oils and Waxes from around the world: Kokum Butter, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Jojoba Wax, Bacuri Butter, Cupuacu Butter and Murumuru Butter


A Mystical Trifecta of Slick

Bacuri Butter: is very popular in the north of Brazil, it comes from the seeds of a beloved local fruit with a rich pulp, and flavor.

Bacuri butter has a high absorption rate, due to its high level of tripalmitin (50% to 55%), which penetrates the skin quickly. The high amount of fatty palmitoleic acid (5%), compared to other oils (less than or equal to 0.5 to 1.5%), makes the Bacuri oil a fantastic emollient, and a super moisturizing agent. Think killer post shave feel!

 Capuacu Butter: is a close cousin to the cacao plant, the trees and fruits are similar, however, cupuacu has a richer pulp. Cupuacu butter is naturally softer than cacao, therefore easier to use, and offers more benefits than the cocoa butter.
Cupuacu butter has very high water absorption capacity (Over 200% Greater Than Lanolin)- Read that again. Due to its capacity for water absorption and the ability to obstruct the evaporation of moisture from the skin, Cupuaçu butter just might be one of the best moisturizing ingredients available. 

Murumuru Butter: is a phenomenally slick butter that gives a most excellent skin feel and slip. It is called the "vegetable silicone" for its ability to rapidly replace mineral silicon in the dermis. It comes from the seeds of a palm tree that is very abundant in the wet regions of  the Amazon forest. 
Murumuru Butter is also rich in vitamin A and C and Omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9. The main fatty acid found in this butter is called Lauric acid (at an astonishing 47%) It also has myristic acid, oleic, palmitic and linoleic acids. When these 3 sisters combine with Kokum, Cocoa, Jojoba & Shea you get some serious Premium, Luxury, Fatty Lather; killer creamy, slick, buttery goodness that possesses Superb Residual Slickness and Earth Shattering Post Shave Feel! You will not even need to use a balm after and good luck keeping your hands off your face all day!


Handmade In Arizona, USA

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