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Phoenix Enigma Machine Aftershave & Cologne

Phoenix Enigma Machine Aftershave & Cologne


Scent: Fragaria (Wild Strawberry), Labdanum, Benzoin & Ouldwood!


This was the Official Scent of The Big Shave West 2 so many years back and a tip of the hat to the Original Sex Wax, which was a most memorable Strawberry. That's right folks, the OG Sex Wax was not coconut, but strawberry! Mind you this was a "tip of the hat" not a scent homage. I did my best to mimic that rather "bitch'n" strawberry and stuck it in at the top of the scent profile. Then there was the Dr. Zogg's label design idea I also had to use. I figured at least one person would "get it". After the event I shelved the scent only to bring it back a short while later as, Enigma Machine!


Aftershave Cologne IngredientsAlcohol, Labdanum Hydrosol, Essential & Natural Fragrance Oil, Glycerin, Hedione, Seaweed Extract, Aloe Vera, Willow Bark Extract, Benzoin Resin

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