Phoenix Aghartha Aftershave & Cologne

Phoenix Aghartha Aftershave & Cologne


The AGHARTA Trilogy, AKA: The Shaver Mystery is what I believe to be our most epic yet! Not only do all three soaps thematically work and tell pieces of a saga together but the scents are also interchangeable. Meaning, they compliment each other opening up a truly creative mix and match experience! So get creative with them in your daily combinations!


This has been a long time coming, AGHARTA. The final installment of our recent Trilogy and what an adventure it's been. For those that follow what we do here, you know PAA is more than about just shaving, but about an experience. Maybe a shave happening in our own unique PAA universe or your own shave realm/dreamscape pieced together by stimulating all the senses. I hope that opening up a new jar of our suds or aftershave is like walking into a movie theater as the lights dim, or discovering lost treasure, or listening to a vinyl record and following along with the liner notes...I know it is for me!


First and foremost, for those who just want the straight notes of AGHARTA, behold: Talc, Ambergris, Amyris, French Vanilla Bean, Japanese Sandalwood, Cedar and Oak Moss.


INGREDIENTS: Alcohol, Rose Water, Essential Oils & Resins Glycerin, Hedione, Seaweed Extract, Aloe Vera

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