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Feather Blade Disposal Case

Feather Blade Disposal Case

$4.00 Regular Price
$3.20Sale Price


  • Blade Disposal Case; Enables Safe Removal And Disposal Of Used Razor Blades Into A Compact Size Case; Easily Fits In Any Work Space Of Barbers And Professional Stylists
  • Acts As A Safe Holder For Over Two Hundred Double Edge Safety Razors; Over One Hundred Twenty Styling Razor Blades And Single Edge Razor Blades; Dispose Of The Full Container Of Blades For Safety And Sanitation Once The Bank Is Full
  • Easy To Use; Place The Razor Head Inside The Slot And Pull The Razor Toward You To Dispose The Razors. Place The Razor Blade Into The Container
  • Eco Friendly; Safely Stores Used Razor Blades; Protecting Barbers And Professional Stylists From Sharp Edges; Convenient Razor Holder And Disposal Without Harm To Animals And Wildlife
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