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Aftershave - Cologne  "Lime"

Aftershave - Cologne "Lime"

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Lime is citrusy and refreshing, with a lime aroma more than anything else. This will definitely wake you up when you splash it on in the morning while tightening up your pores, toning your skin and giving you that awesome cooling sensation that feels so great after you've just finished shaving. These sort of citrus scents are quite traditional, so they should appeal to guys who like to keep things a little bit old school, but in a very cool way.For many men, this is a really attractive fragrance. It isn't musky or heavy at all, but it definitely makes it noticeable that you take care of yourself and that, in fact, you just finished doing so.

Ingredients: SD alcohol 40A, propylene, glycol, fragrance, PPG-20 methyl glucose, ether, FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Green #5


Made in the USA

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