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Phoenix CaD Classic Barber Shop Scent Aftershave & Cologne

Phoenix CaD Classic Barber Shop Scent Aftershave & Cologne


For some of us this classic American barbershop scent will remind us of our first shaving cream, maybe the very one dad stuck in our hand (the cream in a can I refer to shall go un-named). It has a unique, fresh, clean smell.

CaD Cologne & Aftershave is a very special concoction for me, a combination of everything I enjoy about formulating. The scent needs to be long lasting but at the same time delicate and gentle on the skin.

I have included my usual favorite, a kiss of Menthol...but also decided to add some more depth to the scent profile with Rose Water while adding, at the same time, a tad more awesomeness. Glycerin is added to provide all with a most excellent post-shave feel while the slight menthol kick wakes you up and creates a rather sensual dry down effect! 


3.5 oz Glass Flask, External Use Only

Scent Profile: Talc, Rose, Bergamot, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Coumarin, Musk

Ingredients: Alcohol, Rose Water, Essential/Fragrance Oils, Aloe, Glycerin, Menthol

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