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Moonscape Brush Scuttle

Moonscape Brush Scuttle


One Size Fits All!

This 2-piece, ceramic, dishwasher safe beauty has really been a long time coming for us. For many, MANY years I have received requests from Face Latherers to create such a device at a reasonable price. It just made sense, considering we had plans to do away with our Original CK Scuttle, which was designed to function as both, a  Lather Scuttle & Brush Scuttle we knew what we had to do...and we did!

What is a Brush Scuttle Doug?

A brush scuttle is designed to keep your brush warm/hot in between passes. Again, perfect for face latherers who want hot lather but don't want to build lather in a scuttle. Simply fill the bottom vessel with hot water and cover with the top cup. Load brush off puck as usual and begin to build lather for your first pass. When you are done lathering up, stick your brush, knot down, into the brush scuttle where it will be kept warm and soothing until you need to apply more lather for the next pass. Simple As That!


NOTE: I have also found that hot water does well in the brush scuttle too being that one does not create lather in it! 


One Of A Kind!

Each ceramic brush scuttle is glazed with care by hand, thus making each piece uniquely different! That's right, no two of our Moonscape Brush Scuttles are identical, like a fingerprint, which I find very cool and more in line with the artisanal pottery tradition. 

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