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Maintenance & Cleaning


A clean shaver is a happy shaver and a happy shaver is a happy user.

It is important to keep your electric shaver clean and lubricated. The cutting surfaces are metal on metal spinning or oscillating at least 3,000 times a minute. Think about a cutting paper with a pair of scissors. Both sides of the scissors need to be sharp and clean. Now imagine opening and closing the scissors at least 3,000 times a minute. Now as you can see, an electric shaver’s cleanliness and lubrication is vital to the life of the shaver as well as making the shave more pleasant for you.

Cleaners and Lubricants

At Colorado Shaver Center we have the tools and products that allow you to maintain your shaver quickly and easily yourself. We also have many products such as pre shaves, after shaves, lotions, and sprays.

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