Colorado Shaver, a choice that makes itself. 

Since 1963 Colorado Shaver Center (CSC) has been serving not only the Englewood, Denver area but we also have an international presence.  We have even done business with the White House!  With over 100 years combined experience we can help you.  Colorado Shaver started out providing a somewhat new concept in shaving, the electric shaver.  Some customers were curios, some skeptical but most excited for a faster, better, less irritating shave.  People would come to CSC just to try the new technology, and most bought in to the electric shavers and have never turned back.

In early 2001 the tables turned.  While CSC is still the place for the best advice, service and instruction for electric shavers we have added thousands of possibilities for those who are interested in wet shaving.  While wet shaving seems like either an archaic or expensive way to shave don’t be fooled!  Many changes over the years have made wet shaving more and more popular due to the quality, cost, diversification and green thinking that many customers are looking for.


Over the years we have added to our list of services to include not only electric and wet shaving needs but also straight razor sharpening, clipper repair, clipper sharpening (for us bipeds as well as our four legged friends, large and small sheers) lamp repair, custom shades and some small appliance repairs including sewing machines.  While we aren’t always successful with appliances we are pretty good at it.